How many bananas do you eat a week?

  • I don’t want to answer this poll
  • None
  • One or two a week maybe
  • Three to five perhaps
  • One every work day, so five
  • One a day so, what’s that, seven?
  • More than one most days ( I’m literally obsessed)

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This guy makes most of you look like an amateur.

Of course he’s from Bristol. Of course.

1 every work day + 1 on a long bike ride or at football on the weekends

can see his guardian article in two years time ‘i almost died from a banana-based lifestyle. we must take action against these dangerous fads’

Bananas have been around for ages, mate.


if you get more than 3 likes for this i’m quitting the forum

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You heard the man, get to it!




none as I’m allergic. What a stupid fucking allergy though, why bananas, I liked bloody bananas! Stupid immune system.


Better than being allergic to i) outside (pollen) and ii) inside (dust), tbhtbf.

was a typo, i meant 30

@sean, it’s not letting him log out

FINE, see you later

this is true, they are pretty easy to avoid. I’m also allergic to pollen but not in a life threatening anaphylactic way.

None. Allergic.

I got your back bro. No idea what banana tastes like (banned act), but also allergic to strawberries which I loooooove. Fuck off, body.

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One for breakfast each day Tuesday - Friday. Don’t have one on Monday because I’ve usually eaten loads on a Sunday meaning breakfast is not needed.

it is the coolest allergy to have obvs.

Used to eat the yellow bastards all the time as a kid, then I started feeling a slight burning sensation on the tongue so packed them in. About ten years ago I thought I’d try one again and nearly went full anaphylaxis, tightness of chest, itchy rash, swollen eyes and then a night of crippling stomach cramps. nice.

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Blimey, we nearly ran out of astronauts there.