How many belts do you have?



has this been done before? yep…and probably by me

I have two - one for leisure and one smart one, for when I’m up in front of the beak on some trumped up charges of horse slavery


Just the one, it’s a load of shite as well.

  1. One brown, one black.


2, obviously


1 brown but


Lick my pussy and my crack


One. The buckle is reversible so it can be black or brown!!

It is the single greatest invention in the history of the human race.


oh my


I had one of those! It was a good belt.




Sounds a bit Tory that pal.



I have two: a black smart one for my suit trousers and a black fabric one for jeans.


sounds like you’re talking about your dead cat or something


called belt. belt the cat


*phones the RSPCA *


how do you keep up your trousers when you’re doing the irish dancing?


2 x black
1 x tan
1 x brown
1 x plaited brown
1 x white
1 x red


here he is! the only chaps likely to get close to this figure are @elthamsmateowen and @fitzcarraldo , the stylish cunts!


1 x black

Probably had it for the best part of a decade, I’ll be sorry to see it go when the time comes.