How many books are in this picture?

I’m stuck on 5 :joy:

This is BULLSHIT! Some of the clues look different when you click on them, there’s one I got immediately when seeing how it looked by clicking on it,but would never have got from the big picture

And most of them are so generic, they could be anything?!

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Six. One I have never heard of but got by just typing literally what was in the image. They’ve been more engaging/cryptic in the past iirc?


On 9 so far, two of which were books I haven’t heard of but guessed from what I saw.

I feel like I should know what book the dog is referring to.

Can’t believe there are people in this day and age who haven’t read “The Dog Typist” yet. :roll_eyes:


Hey to be fair the Dog Typist Extended Universe is overwhelming.

Dune, Wuthering Heights, Cat in the Hat, A Little Life, The Snowman all I got

Dune, Wuthering Heights, The Secret History, The Cat in the Hat, Rivers of London, Heartstopper, I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings, A Little Life, Ace of Spades, Snowman

Ace of Spades and Heartstopper were guesses.

Clue but not the answer

the breed is significant

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Thanks! That was nails.

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up to eleven now. The only ones I have not seen mentioned so far are It Ends With Us, Another Country, and the dog typist one that I’m not spoiling AB’s clue for..

I think I can see A Little Life, but I can’t click it - the highlighted picture at the top of the stairs just gives me two normal sized lives and not the smaller one. Also, all I can think of when I see the apple on the plate is SOAWJO and I don’t think that’s a book.

Do you not have a ‘next’ button to cycle through the clues? (It appears for me on mobile)

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Haha! That’s a ridiculous clue now I’ve got it.

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Ah, that works, thanks! Turns out the two normal sized Life books are a separate clue…Life After Life

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Oh, I just got the musical feet one! Might have replaced the dog as my favourite clue