How many calzones have you eaten in your life?

Anyone done more than ten? I reckon I’m on about 8.

How much would you need to be paid to agree to the extinction of calzones? £175 for me.

Do you pronounce the e on the end? I’m not answering until I see the consensus.

Lots. Also the deep fried version from Naples many times. Pizza frita.

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Yes you pronounce the e.

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How do you know I do? You are right…

Because to not do so is wrong and stupid.

I think I’ve had about 6. They’re pretty filling.

I would accept £100 to make them extinct.

My pronunciation would include the e.

I’m loving everyone’s work today :smiley:

3 or 4 I think.

They are pretty good, but am generally always tempted by something else when in an Italian restaurant.

Quite hateful towards our American cousins.

Thank you for answering the questions.


Between 10 and 15

Reckon about £1000 for me.

Was at the cafe at Bolton Abbey the other day and the calzones there looked quite nice.

One. I’m happy for them to continue existing to cater for those people that like their pizza wrong.

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Dozens. Used to be my go-to main at Italian restaurants
Nowt. Can always order a normal pizza and roll the fucker up

Roughly half a calzone. Certainly no more than six tenths.

I have no opinion on the benefits or disadvantes on them, so happy to allow their extinction without charge if you feel that strongly about it.


You might as well try to squeeze some money out of them! I’ll put you down for a tenner.

They are all Sicilians, and pronounce things like they’re a farmer in Sicily 80 years ago.

Make one probably about once a month.

Pretty much the best thing I cook.




(happy Christmas balonz)

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