How many calzones have you eaten in your life?

God bless us one and all!

What’s your price for extinction? Everyone’s got a price.

You mean you go to the trouble of making a lovely pizza and then you… you RUIN IT DELIBERATELY??!

  1. reckon my dad has had 50+.

Yeah well MY dad’s had 51+


I’ll offer him £255 to never have one again.

we used to only ever go out as a family to this one particular italians. we went this year for my brothers birthday and he made a massive deal out of deciding what he was going to order, as if his mind wasn’t already made up. fucking prick.

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Also a fact for your pizza pleasure. Calzone also means trouser in italian.


I would accept £375 for the outlawing of Italians wearing trousers.

mate. You’ve never tried my calzone.


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Because they are some of the handsomest men, and you wish to admire their finely shaped legs?

No because I want money and care not for the suffering of others.

Would just like to point out that this does not count for people with some Italian accessory and surname. You have to be proper fucking Italian. Sorry Pietro.

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I used to pronounce the E then I watched parks and rec and its ruined my pronunciation of the word calzone

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Ma Pietro é veramente italiano, non?

easily more than 10… closer to 50 at a guess?


Between 10-20, wouldn’t take any amount of money to deprive the world of calzones

(it has aubergine in it)

More than 10 easy, reckon i could say as many as 30.
Wouldnt take it, sorry.
I do not.

Yeah, I like calzones. And I’d hate to be known as the person who made calzones extinct. That’s a lot of people I’d be making unemployed.

And I pronounce it incorrectly, no doubt.

7 or 8
Pronouncing the e.

If I ban calzones, will everyone know it was me? If not, £250. If so, upwards of £25k considering the potential fallout, I hear them Italian fellas don’t mess about.

Lots of angry drunk Neapolitans at 3am who want their deep fried one. What are your odds?