How many characters is your password?

Work - 9
Email - 12
DiS - 7

Reveal your password if you want - we all know the forum auto hides sensitive information.


I don’t have passwords anymore, i use blood magic to access everything.



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Good thread

Work 10
Email 10
DiS 7
Gmail 8
Work email 8

They all change monthly, but coincidentally they all currently have eleven characters.

Me too!

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Second. Same password…it’s one of my favourites.

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Just one: Bug5Bunny

Emailed a customer a link to reset his password yesterday.

He emailed straight back with his password :man_facepalming:

It was Jessie31, if anyone wants to hack him.

15 characters, mix of letters and numbers

Work: 19
Dis: 10
Email: 10

Unique characters:

Work: 11
Dis: 6
Email: 6

my facebook password is 39 characters long to dissuade me from signing in