How many countries have you visited?


Maybe I’ve put really high numbers but :smiley:

  • 1-2
  • 3-4
  • 5-9
  • 10-19
  • 20-30
  • 30+

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How many do you want to visit?

  • 1-2
  • 3-4
  • 5-9
  • 10-39
  • 40-59
  • 60+
  • All of them

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33 according to this map. I don’t feel like I’ve properly visited Poland or Romania though- I’ve been to border towns. Oradea where I went in Romania also used to be in Hungary, looks like Hungary and is full of Hungarians, so I don’t quite count it as properly going to Romania.

Basically just Norway, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Moldova, Serbia, Bosnia, Albania, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia, Malta, San Marino and Cyprus left in Europe. I’ve been to all the tiny countries except San Marino.

Maybe I could cheat and claim all of the ex-Yugoslavian countries seeing as I went to Yugoslavia when it was still together.

Did it here:


wow thanks for the website, I love that kind of things


Forgot Ukraine in that list to visit.


33 + 1


13, lived in 4


18 (17 if you discount the UK where I was born and live).

Would like to visit many more, tbh.


18 (cba finding Singapore on that map thing on my phone). Will be at least 20 by the end of this year.


if it wasn’t for fucking Austria and the channel, all the countries I’ve ever visited would more or less create one solid landmass.


A rather disappointing 7 plus UK.

Should be atleast 8 by the end of this year and >10 by next year.

Mrs Fox and I have made a plan to visit at least 2 places a year from now on - A nice, lying around doing very little holiday in October (and/)or Feb/March and a sightseeing type trip in the summer.


22 according to that map (but it lumps Wales and Scotland together with England, so actually 24.

Really need/want to go further east. Japan and South Korea especially.


About 10.


18 for me.
One of them, Trinidad & Tobago, is barely visible to the naked eye, just near the bottom left hand corner.
I tend to visit and revisit places several times.


I’ve only visited 2 (the UK and Italy), but I’ve still got a nice bunch of years to travel.
I’m still waiting to have 18yo.
So these are the places I want to visit.


just a few


Will go places under great duress or incentive, but find travelling makes me anxious rather than relaxed. Only country I really want to see before I croak is India. Need to renew my passport.


Counted recently and I’m on 54. Check my carbon footprint.


UK (England, Scotland, Wales but not Norn Iron)
Czech Republic
North Korea
South Korea

20 if you count the UK as one. Will be adding Hungary, Poland and Austria shortly.

My aim will be to visit the lot, but it’s not easy on a chump wage. Might do all except Australia. Don’t fancy it.


My would like to visit map.


And these are the ones I want to visit most next…