How many Daily Mixes do you get on Spotify

I get two.

So one is clearly more the rock stuff I like and the other more for the long instrumental stuff. I’m guessing people out there with more varied tastes must get even more? Or is it always just the two?

First time i’ve actually looked at this - i’ve got 6!

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I used to get 5. Now it’s been cut to 4.
1: US 80s Hardcore Punk
2: Desert Rock/Stoner Metal
3: 70s Hard Rock
4: Soul & Funk that the wife listens to, with some Parliament/Funkadelic for me.

Desert Rock & Stoner Metal used to be split into two. Been listening to a lot of Trip-Hop lately, so hopefully should get one for that.

What are the six?

Aha. You just guess them based on the artists like I do? Or do yours actually get named?

  1. never listened to them but they look decent. one used to be just full of Irish bands and looked worth a listen but it’s gone.
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the first 3 don’t seem all that different anymore, lots of crossover. 4th one is electronic stuff. might give that a spin.

  1. Indie stuff - (BSS, Grizzly Bear, Angel Olsen, St Vincent etc)
  2. Australian
  3. Alt rock - (Radiohead, QOTSA, REM, PJ Harvey etc)
  4. More Australian - I think mix 4 perhaps a little more obscure, less mainstream than mix 2
  5. Dance indie rock hybird thing - (Caribour, Soulwax, the Killers, DFA79 etc)
  6. Dad rock (Stones, Steely Dan, Neil Young etc)
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I get 6, I think they give 6 to the best people.


6 -
Mix 2 is Americana - Valerie June, Pokey, Willie Watson, David Rawlings
Mix 3 is all the old dudes - Fleetwood Mac, Springsteen, Dylan, The Stones, Petty, Pink Floyd
Mix 4 is electronic stuff with a bit GY!BE and Slowdive chucked in

and the other 3 seem to be general indie stuff and pretty much the same.

All very reflective of what I’ve listen to over the past year. I like my mixes but I barely use them.

i used to have 6 but they confiscated 2. cunts.

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  1. Mostly fuzzy mostly US indie (Granddaddy, New Pornographers, GbV, BSS, CYHSY, Mountain Goats, Magnetic Fields)
  2. UK and NZ shoegaze and indie: Spiritualized, BSP, Kane Strang, JaMC (but also Mark Lanegan and Nadia Reid)
  3. Hip hop
  4. Americana/folk (Richard Thompson through to Phosphorescent and Okkervil River)
  5. A bit more indie that overlaps with #1 and 5
  6. Flying Nun and their influences (The Fall, Big Star, Suicide) and influencees: Wedding Present, Superchunk
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6 but I never use them

1.indie stuff like Yo La Tengo, Japanese Breakfast, Car Seat Headrest
2. More female led stuff like Aldous Harding, Marika Hackman, Lomelda
3. Classics like Bob Dylan, Neil Young
4. Stuff on Double Double Whammy and other small American labels like Florist, Adult Mom, Told Slant, ó
5. Heavier stuff like Boris and Converge
6. Classic indie like Beck, QOTSA, Modest Mouse and Interpol

I have never checked and I will never check.

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As you’re here should your username be sounded like call geese or more like kal geese?

Call on geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese
Call on geese


The former!

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1 - Disney and show tunes
2 - early 2000s emo
3 - music based almost entirely in the soundtrack to Big Little Liars
4 - 90s indie
5 - bedwetty singer songwriter stuff

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Six -

Hardcore / punk one - Propagandhi, Ignite etc
Indie / folky one - Fleet Foxes, British Sea Power
Ambient / drone one - Bohren and der Club Of Gore, Stars Of The Lu’s
Hardcore one - Modern Life Is War, American Nightmare
Riffs noisy rock type one with Idles, Metz, Jesus Lizard
Rockabilly / Psychobilly one - think this used to be something else but has been skewed by Halloween playlists which had a lot of Tiger Army and Nekromantix!

I also have 6 - and never listen to any of them.