How many days of your life have you spent reading posts on here?

Cumulatively in terms of hours i mean, not visits.

44 bloody days, ffs.

Nearly as long as the Falklands War that.


We’re you getting paid for all of it?

60 days!!!

43 days.

That last day when you were slogging your way through ‘what’s your favourite type of scaffolding’, I had my feet up, archers omnibus on the radio, sipping mint juleps.

How do you find out? Asking for any noobs out there who might not know.

click on the bars, then ‘users’

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52 days, blimey.

at least i’m not @Aggpass


A mere 23.

17d for me

Only 13 days. Apparently @Aggpass is way ahead of the rest of us though.

Just 17 days. The majority on somebody else’s time. They pretend to pay us, we pretend we’re not posting threads about the number of each vowel in our name

40 like Jesus in the desert

I shouldn’t have looked at that


Not as many as @Epimer has…



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24 days, which doesn’t bother me too much. Was far more concerned to discover I’d visited every day for a year. What the fuck was I doing on here on Christmas day?


woah wtf @Aggpass


365 obviously

Does anyone feel wiser for it?

  • Me! Me! I do!
  • I do not
  • Prefer not to say

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25d. Not…too shameful.

Worst was when I got a badge saying that I’d visited every day for 100 days in a row. Had to have a think about stuff for a bit after that…