How many days of your life have you spent reading posts on here?


It was that post dinner lull when nobody’s talking because they’re all stuffed full of turkey, wasn’t it?

61 days

63 days

awful, awful stuff


fucking hell

17 days

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imaperv should never start another topic.


41, like Jesus just back from the dessert and internet shopping for new sandals

Surprised to find out i only average 14 posts a day.

14 posts of absolute gold, mind, we’d all agree.

This is my favourite. It’s a fucking triumph.

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And aftersun

the top 20 roll call of shame!

user score
Aggpass 4months (lol)
laelfy 85d
profk 83d
japes Ruffers 79d
rich-t Antpocalypsenow 78d
Jeremys_Iron tricklenipple 74d
marckee Flashinglight 72d
cutthelights 70d
Epimer 69d
ericthefourth 67d
Jamos 66d
SenorDingDong Unlucky 65d
plasticniki colon_closed_bracket 63d
WizardLizard 62d

Time for a new account @Aggpass

mad to think what eric and ruffers could’ve done, innit.


wonder what eric gets when you tot up all his accounts

Does it just measure how long you have a browser tab open with the DiS boards in?

thought about adding them together but I’d already spent more time doing this than anything I’m actually meant to be doing today so…

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no, because that wouldn’t be as funny when we’re making fun of aggpass

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yeah, idk

i just leave it open all day long whether I’m reading it or not

A measly 19days for me. Need to up my game.