How many different baths do you think you've been in

Not for showering purposes, bathing only.

Very very freaked out by Baths I Don’t Know and we always lived in the same family home so I reckon 7.

Family home**
Nan’s house
Current flat
Last place I lived
Ex’s mum’s house**
Hotel in Paris
Another ex’s mum’s

** the only ones I’ve enjoyed

3 x family homes
Current house
2 x grandparents’ house/flat
Posh hotel in London - I probably wouldn’t have done it if it hadn’t had a TV in there.
Butlins Minehead (our ATP chalet didn’t have a shower)

Does an onsen count? A couple of our hotels in Japan had those.

These days, I probably only have a bath once a year, at most, and that is usually after a marathon/half-marathon or something.


Er… 3???

The flat
Family home
Nan’s house

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Oh I had a bath in Japan too! Forgot about that, not an onsen though, one of those half-size ones where you have to sit up

Are we counting partners places and hotels? I don’t think I could count them.

Love a bath, me.

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What a humblebrag…


Oh if only you knew all the business trips to Coatbridge and Spennymoor I’ve made…

Yes, please try.


Don’t really like baths and don’t trust hotel baths (never have been in a fancy hotel with a fancy bath, may change my mind if I do) so only the one at home since being old enough to bathe myself (idk which baths my parents put me in as a kid)

About 25 I’m gonna say

Family home
Grandma & grandad’s house
Nana’s house
Family friends we used to visit in Brighton
Relatives in the lake district
House I lived in in The Oval, Bath
Bath Spa Hotel

Think I’ve had 3 baths in my adult life #hatebaths

Baby Bath
Bath in first house
Bath at my Nan’s
Bath at my Gran’s
Bath in second house
Bath in third house
Bath in Clapham flat
Bath in NH Doelen Hotel (Amsterdam)
Bath in Upper Holloway flat
Bath in Holiday Inn Business Park Sofia
Bath in current Hackney Flat

That is eleven (11) different baths I have 100% been in and I think the chances of me having forgotten any over the course of my nearly 36 years on the planet are very, very slim.

When are you coming back

3 family homes growing up
1 nannas
2 exs
3 of my houses
approx 10 when working away stopping in hotels
approx 5 when on holiday with no shower option

24 baths… at least.

dont think ive ever been for an early bath (sent off in sport)

Too many to remember them all tbh.

3 x parental houses
Edit - I’d totally blanked out about 18 months when we moved around a series of temporary accommodation so that adds another 5? baths.
2 x grandparents houses
1 at Uncle/Aunts (only ever stayed their once)
5 (of 7) student places
3 places in London I lived in all had baths
1 when living in France
4 (of 8) when living in Italy
10 ish in hotels etc (that’s pretty much a guess tbh).

Think any (air)bnb type places have always taken the shower option.
Hotels I’m unsure. Not loads because I haven’t really stayed in hotels that often but a really nice bath is definitely something I like.

Also had a couple of places with showers above baths where I never used the bath because the water was inadequate.

Would love to have a properly lovely bath, probably the one luxury thing I am envious of.

Look at the cute little bath in here:

(from 10m45s)

Yes! It was EXACTLY like that one!