How many different beds have you slept in

In the last 2 years.

I’m going to discount beds you’ve slept in as a by product of having had sex, you must have slept in the bed with no funny business.

This time frame might mean you’ve only slept in your own bed, if so fell free to riff on beds you’ve known.

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Can we count sleeping on someone’s couch?


If couches count then 7.
1x my flat
1x family house
2 x couches
3 x tv at the time bed (not necessarily funny business)

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Interested in any stories of platonic bed sharing

Reckon it’s 7 for me, possibly 8.

TV’s housemates
Wales cabin
Macclesfield cabin

Forgot one.

Bed in Liverpool a few weeks back.

Forgot another.

Glastonbury bed.

So 10.

50 at least I reckon


3 for me
The bed in our bedroom, the bed in our spare room (when we had the windows done and there were no curtains in our bedroom), and the bed at our friends house that we stayed in the last two summers

That is seriously impressive work in this time frame :clap:

In the last two years (in chronological order or earliest example of having slept in it):

My own bed
Bed at Holiday Inn Sofia Business Park
The sofa bed at my parents
My nephew’s bed at my sisters (with him moving to share with his sister)
An actual bed at my sisters
A bed in a holiday home in Norfolk

No beds

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Was still travelling round asia for 4 months of it

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Good thread idea!

  • mine
  • guest bed at dad’s house
  • guest bed at Mrs CCB’s parents’ house
  • Travelodge Birmingham Frankley
  • cottage in Peak District
  • Travelodge Norwich
  • caravan, near Beccles

I think that’s it.

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I’m sorry you sleep on the floor at home

My couch (when my friend stayed over and she took the bed)
My friend’s couch
A hotel bed in Germany

I think that’s it

In the last two years (non sex related)

  • Mine
  • My room at my parent’s
  • Sofa of a friend in Leeds
  • a platonic bed share of a friend in Ancoats
  • hotel bed in Dorking
  • hotel bed in the Lakes
  • bed in a hostel in Newcastle at a stag
  • hotel in Wakefield
  • a platonic bed share with a friend in Wakefield

Barely been anywhere in the last 2 years for obvious reasons.

Just 2 I think.

My bed is strictly reserved for funny business