How many different coloured tabs do you have in the Microsoft Excel file you have with the most differently coloured tabs?


Currently working on a Microsoft Excel file that has 9 (nine) differently coloured tabs,





It’s a big spreadsheet - probably the best bit of work I’ve done in my time here and definitely saves hours every week. I never got proper credit for it because my boss at the time it was written didn’t like spreadsheets


Do you know what infuriates me more than anything? Excel workbooks with blank sheets. Have it set to one sheet on opening you fucking scum!


Never bother with coloured tabs. Bland, gray nothing all the way for me.


Found it makes it easier when you’re grouping tabs of a certain type together


Also on shared workbooks, grey not done, green done, red issue.



Can’t change cell colours in shared workbooks on our version of excel. dunno why lol


Didn’t even know you could change a tab’s colour :woman_shrugging: