How many different towns/cities have you lived in

Maybe rank them too idk. Different areas of London obviously don’t count.

Age 0 - 19: Colchester
Age 19 - present: Sheffield

Sheffield is better than Colchester


Paddock Wood, Penryn, Royal Tunbridge Wells

RTW spunks right in the eye of the other two. I don’t know how to rank PW and Penryn though. Penryn: has a mini harbour, gorgeous hidden park with a viaduct, pasty shops BUT living near the sea is so overrated, it’s in the arse end of Cornwall with awful infrastructure and I was miserable when I was there. Paddock Wood: parks, community, friends/parents live there, it’s my hometown BUT it’s a bit shit and small minded and working there really sucked.

Bristol - moved when I was 2 so idk
Basingstoke - moved when I was 4 so idk
London - pretty decent, still here
Cambridge - there for a year at uni, nice place but hated being there if that makes sense?

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Ely>Leeds>Village just outside Peterborough>Peterborough>London

Do you want my mother’s maiden name and my personal PIN number too?


5 as a grown up. 6 overall.

You live in London now?

Assuming he was ranking them

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do I?

Oh right.

0-21: Corby
21: Cardiff
21-26: Corby again
26-27: Dewsbury
27-28: Kettering
28-30: Corby again
30-present: Brno, CZ


Went to Cardiff for uni and didn’t stay too long so that barely counts. More of an extended holiday.

Goodness Dewsbury is a shithole.

Malborough, Devon (0-19)
Bath (19-33)
Plymouth (33-33)
Malborough, Devon (33-present)

Stanford-Le-Hope 0-9
Buntingford 9-18
Newcastle 18-28
London 28-

Can we include villages? I wasn’t on town/city(book?) until university

Corby ahead of Kettering?

Yes (I’ve not included a village cause it’s basically still Colchester but you can essentially do what you want)


Chichester (0-25)
Emsworth (Small town in between Chichester and Portsmouth, 25-27)
Chichester (27-29)
Winchester (29-32)

Winchester > Chichester > Emsworth

0-18 Mid-Sized Yorkshire town
18-21 Aberystwyth
21-26 Same Mid-Sized Yorkshire twn
27-29 Reading
30-33 Glasgow