How many different types

That’s the house garlic

Just ordinary garlic bulbs. But I do have about 20 of them.

Oh yeah and some garlic salt for Bloody Marys.

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I missed fucking wild garlic picking by ONE DAY because I was going to do it, then lockdown happened and I couldn’t. If I hadn’t been so damn lazy I’d have tonnes of it in my freezer right now. I love wild garlic season.

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Does garlic bread count? Could scrape the butter off and use it in something else in a pinch

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None. As I’m staying at my parents therefore have no need for garlic at mine right now.

Will be buying garlic on day 2 of my return though. (day 1 takeaway FYI)

I’m afraid it does not.

Can someone google garlic granules and report back

Again, could scrape the garlic butter off.


Ok it counts, as it’s you.

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Google Garlic Granules

actual garlic
actual black garlic
garlic granules

Just actual garlic. I used the last bit of chopped frozen garlic last night. It was a good stir fry!


You don’t need to freeze salt, Slicks!

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here you go smee