How many disers could you name by their profile icon alone?

I reckon about twelve.


brb going to draw my impressions of the ones I remember in paint

All the ones I fancy, so basically all of them :grinning:

Ok, go nuts:

Edit: you have to click on the picture to see them all.

here’s my memory


darwindude, dingalingdong or something, lo pan, keith, eric, theo, ruffers, witches, colon_closed, kallgeese, twentynine, tillance


Aw Bam, that’s excellent! Using that now!

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ok I’ll try yours

Aphextwinkletoes, PASS, ericthefourth, PASS, Ricky_Ronco?, imaperv, eltham, aphex twinkletoes, PASS, PASS, PASS, Profk, Ruffers, Bugduv, PASS, Vamos, PASS, Ruffers, Aggpass?, Keith, Dinocrisis, Twentynine, Froglet, PASS, Neil.

How did I do?

oh shit there’s more

@Lo-Pan, you should use the one of your av!

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witches, unlucky, PASS, japes, keith, PASS, PASS, eric, ruffers, PASS, PASS, PASS, Colon closed bracket, Ruffers, PASS, Bodyinthethames, Xylopwn, Markee, Profk, Ricky Ronco, Ruffers, PASS, Wiggy, Incandenza, PASS, PASS, aphex, profk, PASS, PASS, Theo, colon, aphex, ruffers, PASS, scagden, xylo, ruffers, PASS, hip young gunslinger.


fine use of a half hour!

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just realised @colon_closed_bracket has actual words in his!

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Heh, err, quite a few? Maybe umm

Having clicked on the whole image, I reckon there are four pictures and two letters I don’t know. The rest I’m confident on.

You know, I’ve been considering quitting the internet and this has given me concern that I really should.


Quite enjoy having a distinctive one so I can casually scroll on old threads and see all the embarrassing things I wrote when I was wrecked


[details=Summary]Antpoc, severed, me, hanshotfirst?, k-something
Perv, eltham, toneloc, blueturtle, dunno,
Im on safari, prof, ruffdawg, bugduv, harru
Vamos, parsefone, ruffd, aggpa, keith
Lastdino, twentynine, froglet, ttf, richt
Witches unlucky jezza japes keith
no-class DUNNO me ruff DUNNO
sully badman ccb ruff pinkyb
Bitt xylo marckee prof DUNNO
ruff jezza yuggy incandenza DUNNO
jezz ant prof DUNNO DUNNO
theo ccb ant ruff TKC
scagden xylo ruff andyvine hyg[/details]

phew. Gave up on commas

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I think that’s @roastthemonaspit on the first row and @kiyonemakibi