How many distinct pen strokes does your signature take

a @SleepingCapybara inspired thread

Follow-up question: when did you finalise your current signature

Just the one.

It’s literally just a slightly squiggly line. A complete waste of everybody’s time.



  • 3 strokes
  • Quite late, around 25. Refined my old version down to something much punchier
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two and then a dot at the end if i’m feeling generous

Just the one, about 25 years ago

how often do you feel generous shrewbs. feel like it’s a common occurrence with you

feel like mine is constantly evolving. it’s really more about the journey than the destination, you know?


yeah I usually do add a dot at the end actually

such a kind soul


yes but how many strokes does the journey take ERIC


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Mine is shite, I invented it in year 9 for my SATs exams and ended up using it for my 2004 passport which I was stuck with till 2016 (I didn’t go anywhere so didn’t renew it for ages) and by then I was so used to it that I kept it. It is one ugly stroke

You know how Kendrick Lamar does “signed” copies of his albums on vinyl and the signature is so lazy and nothingy that it’s very obvious to anyone who owns one that he’s never been in the same room as the record? My signature is identical to that (genuinely)


My mum’s signature is absolutely beautiful, her name starts with a Z and it looks like a swan


that’s very sad

Mines basically my initials and a line. I used to have an I to dot but now I have a t so I just add a little dash above the line

Two strokes. Had it since I was about 11.

For some reason I always thought you weren’t allowed to lift your pen for a signature to be valid (other than for dotting I guess). I don’t know why because it makes no sense if you actually think about it.