How many distinct pen strokes does your signature take


This is an impressive figure

(And I’m not just talking about those hips :wink: )

For whom?

four. a rare four.

Thing about signing stuff is most of the time I don’t want my signature to be identifiable. If I’m signing for a delivery, no way do I want to use my real signature. So that’s variable.

My real one, the pen makes contact with the paper three times. Being an evolution of what eight year old me thought looked cool, I now hate how my signature looks.

Actually, thinking about it I’m sure an adult told me this. Maybe they believed it as well.

I have lots of tall letters in mine, so the pen goes up and then down a lot.

Side to side at any point?

(And I’m not just talking about those hips :wink: )


Crossing the lower case 't’s

Ah yeah, I know that game

Two strokes. I remember finishing a chemistry exam early and not being allowed to leave, so I just practised the signature on the paper they gave you to work stuff out on. Must have signed it a couple of hundred times. Then the exam ended and the invigilator gathered up the working paper inside the exam and took it, rather than letting me throw it out. Exam marker must have thought I was unhinged.

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I’d quite like a couple of loopy below the line letters, like ‘y’ or ‘g’ or a continental ‘z’. I think that would add a nice flow to the motion.

Sling one in, mate. There’s no point living a life of desire when you can live a life of satisfaction.

3 strokes and i’m done. IT’s only little so therefore doesn’t take much…


My signature is a furious scrawl. I have been known to rip the paper. I have to sign any stock orders for my department and I get a lot of stick from my team for my ridiculous signature.

Five. The capital letters in my names don’t respond well to being joined to other letters.

[And I’m going to throw in another metric in there for people, the letter to stroke ratio, in my case 2.2 letters per stroke on average]

One, it’s just a shape. It looks a bit like I’ve dropped some thread on the paper. I trimmed it down from my full name to just my first initial when I was about 20.

Far too many according to this thread (5!) Need a redesign!

3 if I do it properly.

At my old job I had to sign like 100 bits of paper each shift, so it turned into a 1 stroke scrawl.