How many dogs do you know on first name terms?



been thinking about this and I only know two.

carlos the whippet. nice dog, spoilt rotten by its owners, but has a nice face and is good fun at the beach.

oz the cafe dog. one of those big yellowy/browny dogs. good at sucking up crumbs and generally a good addition to the team.

there is a collie next door, but I don’t know its name. I’m going with shuttup, as that seems to be the thing that’s most shouted at him/her

what about you?


Can we just make it absolutely clear that you mean canines, not people?



Next doors dog Alfred
And my mates bulldogs Frank & Betty


My sister’s dog Toto (who I’ve started calling Milligan because Toto is a stupid name) is basically all of them at the minute which is a real shame.

My pal’s dog Digby died a couple of weeks after my dog Monty earlier this year and his parents have got a new dog and named the new one Monty which is weird but I haven’t met him yet.

Next-door’s dog probably isn’t called Robert but we refer to him as Robert.

I’ve met Flo the Otterhound at a couple of dog shows but she wasn’t there at the latest one the other week, know her on first name terms though innit.


Heather the collie - neighbours dog
Dylan the cavapoo/mutt - walked him a few times
Charlie the work cockapoo
Lady x 2 - both cavalier king charles
Stanley - mad vizsla pup
Fletcher - stanley’s pal, choco lab
Cherry - ancient black lab, comes into work sometimes
Raffles - schnauzer, comes into work sometimes
Elvis - mutt, used to come into work


1 because dogs are shit








Scamp - collie (top lad)
Stripes - deranged dalmatian
Rory - springer spaniel
Molly - very little thing, not sure what, a little cat-like


Winnie - friend’s miniature Schnauser.

Maggie - Sister-in-law’s ambiguous bulldog.


Probably zero these days :frowning:


Think I’ve made my feelings very clear but it goes double for him


are we talking dogs you greet regularly? because there’s dogs i’ve met a good few times but aren’t proper pals with

7 that i’d say i see at least once a month

• my dog - border terrier, m - best dog in the world. this is not open to debate.
• aunt’s two dogs - border terrier and a british bulldog, both f. border is a rescue and only likes about four people in the entire world (luckily she loves me), bulldog is now an old lady and just likes to sleep and sigh.
• dog that said aunt looks after that lives nextdoor to her - staffie, m - feel really sorry for him because he gets left alone constantly. neighbours go away all the time and spring it on my aunt last minute that she has to look after him. gets left alone every single day and the lady who owns him is a vet nurse at a surgery that has provisions for staff pets. poor boy.
• other aunt’s dog - bichon, f - spoiled beyond belief.
• dog my nanna dogsits, that lives nextdoor - lakeland, f - cute enough but fucking hates my dog
• dog of my mam’s best mate/my mate’s mam - black lab, f - lives around the corner and is walked three-four times a day so i see her often. she goes crackers when she sees me or walks down our street because she wants to come in and have a biscuit.


all of their names end in ie/y sounds apart from my dog and the bulldog, who is called peaches because she’s peaches and cream coloured :heart_eyes:


Hollie - Cairn Terrier - parents-in-laws dog who we look after when they’re away.
Ruby - Jack Russell - Neighbour’s friend’s dog that she looks after sometimes.

Sally - Cairn Terrier/Jack Russel cross - The woman’s gran’s dog.
Cookie - The woman’s uncle’s dog. Big staffy/greyhound cross type thing who is very unsure of me, which in turn has made me terrified she’s going to rip my arm off whenever I see her.


Bonnie - friend’s collie
Frank - friend’s lab something or other. Truly despicable animal, throws itself at the door snarling viciously whenever I come over then glares sullenly once I’m in.
Polly - Mum’s friend’s Scottie. Awful yapping tit
Sam - Neighbor’s king Charles. Nice fellow in person but sometimes gets into barking matches late at night

Don’t know any others because I mostly associate with sensible, smart people.


i love carins’ little faces


She’s too dark to see much other than a mass of black fur