How many English counties do you think you could correctly name and locate on a map?

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  • 1 - 3
  • 4 - 10
  • 11 - 15
  • 16 - 19
  • all 20
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I’m so bad at English geography

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  • I could locate Shropshire
  • I couldn’t
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  • I could locate Manchestershire
  • I couldn’t
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  • I could locate Cornwall
  • I couldn’t
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don’t think I could even locate Northants with 100% accuracy, reckon Cornwall is the only county I could point at on a map

this one is interesting there’s a bit of it in the ocean!


“All 20”? There are far more English counties than that.


Looks a bit rude

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looks like about 20 give or take imo

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More than twice that.

that’s ridiculous!

There’s a lot going on in this section

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Who’s this lad then?

that’s probably London I think


I’ve done a sporcle quiz on this and I got about 90% right. I got Worcestershire mixed up with another county and what the hell is West Midlands? I have to admit I can do the 50 US states much easier than English counties

For five points, locate London on this map

There are 48 counties.

you’re thinking of Heinz