How many followers do you need to be a full-time Social Media whatever-they-call-themselves?

6,000 followers seems a bit low to me.

I had 4,000 followers once just doing transfer rumours.

If hypothetically i needed, say, £400 a week, what would i need to do?

My colleague’s wife has an instagram where she posts about baby stuff (stuff she uses with the baby i think, not baby pics), has a few hundred followers, not loads, but gets sent a fair bit of free baby stuff despite not being high profile.

So, have a baby?


I’d imagine it will vary wildly depending on the thing you are pushing. 400 followers but you’re THE expert on something pretty minor I guess you luck out.

I know a guy who makes enough from adverts and promotions on a forum for a very specific thing because he was pretty much the first person to do that so it’s the place to go to for it.

you could do your transfer rumour thing and set up a tip jar on patreon. might bring in some coin

You might be able to monetise your evening meals, maybe create a book based on it?

You can make money/live off freebies with a small amount of followers, especially if like they say above you’re an expert in a very niche field. It’s just not the megabucks people with 35k+ followers enjoy. Some small blogs have agencies too so they can take on projects that don’t have the budget for more popular bloggers.

But really it’s still not enough for a full time salary - you’d have to have money from elsewhere. If they’re saying they’re a full time blogger that usually means spouse or parent funds

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Alright Tom.


Rich enough to get away with referring to yourself in the third person.


Lacazette to Arsenal taps nose

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5k on Insta is a “micro influencer”. 10k is the accepted milestone

Ah fuck wrong thread

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Felt quite apt if you ask me.

Changed my social media bios to tell people I’m an influencer, so just waiting for the followers and freebies to roll in now. Hasn’t happened yet, but I imagine these things take a bit of time to get started.

This is a good idea, I might do this.


I’ve got a twitter account with >5,000 followers and I get NOTHING!