How many Food Threads is too many Food Threads

  • I wish there were no food threads at all ever
  • 2-5 is ok, bit much at the moment
  • Never enough food threads

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Royter Hatjoke


Honestly don’t think I like ANY threads.


There are too many at the moment, I blame whoever did those first ones, they should’ve waited until the better ones got posted.


I really enjoy a DiS food thread.
Loads of ridiculous opinions like folk keeping tomatoes in the fridge and cutting pizzas with scissors etc. Proper beeves proper Drowned in sounding


We know.


probably need a new pizza thread


Was thinking about making a thread about how i put sugar on broccoli when i cook it


You fucking dolt


Why? What does it do?


You’re not allowed to have opinions about food any more.


This is completely FINE


alrigh Raanrals :wink:


i was joking, ya turkey(s)


^ shat on his broccoli on purpose, guys!


This has done me for some reason.


wife brought these home, not veggie though :frowning2: