How many forks have you got?

All varieties.

~32 (not all in rotation)

Thirteen. Twelve of which are from an IKEA set and are all identical, one of which is not part of the set and it drives me nuts that I’m not allowed to get rid of it.

Fuck, only 6.

Chuck it out the window.

Not enough tbh. They keep disappearing. We had to open the ‘posh’ forks when people came around and they were a travesty - so narrow, you can hardly scoop up any food on them.

Can’t open the window in the kitchen and I don’t think I could throw it out any of the other windows stealthily enough

That is not enough, not enough.

Do you not have a large serving fork or a garden fork or anything like that (or are they included in your number!)?

They sound tiney


Not enough at all, this thread has really opened my eyes.

No garden/salad forks either :disappointed:

Give some to Jezzerr


seem to be down to 5 regular in rotation forks - used to have 6. One will have traveled to the kids’ mum’s in a lunchbox at some point

also have a posh “canteen” of cutlery which contains 6 x normal forks and 6x smaller starter forks (I think, can’t be arsed to check)

I only have six in my cutlery drawer. There’s a salad tong with tines, which I purposely excluded, as I am sure you will concur with, Lonzy.

A garden fork has been missing from my garden tool set for far too long. I’ll buy one this weekend if I have time (and the price is right)

How disgraceful to start a thread like this and only proffer an estimate of your own cutlery.

I have ‘salad hands’ which do have tines but I didn’t include them.

My pleasure

four big ones, four slightly smaller ones, a few rogue ones accumulated over the years, and an indeterminate number of toddler sized ones (not actually the size of toddlers, that would be ridiculous)

You trying to mug me off here m9?

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HUKD, you’ve done it again!

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