How many French people do you think you could name in five minutes?

Freeform thread. No polls. Chat away.

Gérard Depardieu

There’s one to start

I think somewhere between 20 and 30, but most of them would be footballers and it would probably be a struggle after 5.

Footballers would get me somewhere near triple figures I reckon but if I wasn’t allowed footballers I reckon I’d max out at around 12


Good idea

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Triple figures! Eric Cantona only counts once you know.

Will you try it and report back?

David Ginola

I shall set a timer for thirty seconds and extrapolate my data

  1. Napoleon
  2. Emanuel Macron
  3. Hercule Poirot

18 people


Very smart and scientific approach to posting


Depends, are you’re pronouncing it David Ginola or David Ginola?

Maybe some day…

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Romain Larrieu
Lilian Nalis
Eric Cantona
Serge Gainsbourg
Edith Piaf

Think that’s all of them

Thank you, under pressure i can forget my own name (happened once in an exam :sob:) so this was the best i could do with a blank mind

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Vincent Cassel

there’s another

He isn’t real but he’s still French, right?

Thirty to forty I reckon, mostly footballers, a few actors and musicians.

He is Belgian I’m afraid

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