How many gb are you on

On the oldee mobbilay?

  • Under 1gb
  • 1-2gb
  • 3-5gb
  • 6-10gb
  • 11-20gb
  • 21-40gb
  • 41-50gb
  • 51+gb

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what is this like mobile internet?


a big fat 0 baby! yeah!

Heh. Weird to think of people in front of a comp on dis. Pretty much only ever post from my phone.


can’t stand reading on a tiny screen, plus my phone cost like £20 so can barely open a browser without crashing

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Upgraded from 3gb to 4gb just the other day as I kept running out and having to buy bolt-ons, thanks for asking

Haha Bamnan under 1gb, here he is, megabyte man

  1. Daft, really.
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How is that possible? Describe your phone contract

Life’s too short to stress about running out of data. 15GB

Got it a couple of months ago and there was some kind of deal with EE where 100gb was a quid more than 10gb or something. It’s a stupid amount to pay really but I got 20% off and it’s handy for tethering to get work done.

Seems like its becoming standard for new phones.

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Yeah I’m on 60gb with ee. Plan to downgrade at the end of this contract though

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Think I’m on like 2gb for about £8 per month. Never get anywhere near running out of data.

30 but it’s too high, never use more than like 4

I’ve realised I must be some sort of superuser. Regularly use 40gb in the month

You must be watching a lot of videos?

No idea

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750Mb. It’s an old iphone 5s, it does for me. I’ve only run out of data once just after I’d got it when I accidentally tapped Update All when I was away from my wifi and it ran out in about 30 seconds!

Unlimited :man_shrugging: