How many have you got?

Me too, love a good hat, might start a hat thread actually


I probably own about 15 coats, which seems excessive when written down.


Nearly all (actually definitely all) my enemies are right here on drownedinsound.

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1x corduroy Topman parka (got it for my 18th birthday, still going strong)
1x Big thick green parka from M&S (Christmas 2019, very warm and comfy)
1x Thick blue waterproof coat (not really my style but very effective)
1x Light rain jacket (had it for about 15 years, very worried about it finally dying)

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Really miss my duffel coat

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Hmm ok from memory:

1 x ‘daily’ winter coat (long blue smart woollen thing)
1 x green fluffy lined parka
2 x vintage woollen capes
1 x grey hooded smart coat
1 x green duffel coat
1 x yellow Breton (:heart:)
1 x Regata waterproof
1 x leather jacket
1 x vintage 80s ski jacket
1 x red woollen jacket
1 x super big/thick brown coat that I take camping

I’m sure there’s more!


The coat hero we should all aspire to.

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Thinking about it, I have two!! yellow raincoats which is too many yellow raincoats (one is a proper one the other is one of those flimsy ones that fold into its own pocket)

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No such thing! :smiley:

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Anyone remember this thread from way back at the beginning of new DiS?