How many holes in a straw?

  • One
  • Two
  • Don’t know

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A polo mint, washer etc. has one hole. A straw is just a longer version.


Once lost an afternoon on here successfully arguing that a hole is only a hole if it goes all the way through something and that anything else is just a dent.

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No one knows

It would need to have been previously whole and had a hole knocked through it for it to have a hole. I don’t think that’s how straws are made. No holes.


It has one two-sided hole.


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Hope this thread gets to 300+ posts of people flipping from arguing one point as though they’ve never been more sure of anything, then getting their faith slowly shaken and eventually coming around to the other way of thinking, only to have their faith shaken about that, leaving them questioning whether anything truly exists at all


Would a plane take off if it was on a treadmill?

One hole, two ends (calm down)


I am team “not a hole”


One at the top, one at the bottom, two

I can’t believe you were successful as this is arrant nonsense.

I’ve already flipped from one to two (because a t-shirt for e.g. Has 4 holes rather than 3 including one with 2 ends).

This could change again in the future. Don’t feel that committed on it


One, unless you bend the straw, this forming a barrier between sections.

Don’t like how hatchbacks are described as ‘3 door’ or ‘5 door’

I’m not climbing in via the boot, mates


how many holes does a hole have?

A straw is a tunnel, so if a tunnel has holes then so do straws but if a tunnel doesn’t have holes then no holes in a straw either


Two in the front and two in the back.

Most of an atom is empty space, so a straw is close to 100% holes.

A hole has to create a complete gap in something so in that direction nothing exists. If it doesn’t do this it can’t be a hole. All holes have two ends if you want to look at it like that, how many holes does a pint glass have? None.

It’s about direction.