How many hours of telly do you watch a day, on average?

I’m not making a poll.

Bit less than one, for me - either a 45 minute episode of something while eating dinner, or two 25 minute episodes.

Yes, Netflix etc. counts, YSC.

About two hours.

probably 2 hrs - bit too much really

less than one seems quite impressive!

Not even on tellybook m9.

I don’t even own a TV, pal.

Goodnight Sweetheart clips on YouTube, then.

Is it? You just… don’t watch stuff. Doesn’t feel very ruddy bloody brave.

Dunno mate, around 3 or 4 maybe?

2.5 hours

2-3. Too much.

But what’s your furniture pointed at?!?!

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my tv watching is a kind of defragging time - one hour of wiping my brain doesn’t seem liek enough

1 - 1.5 hours per day in the week. Anything from 0-10hours per day on the weekend depending on plans, hangovers and the amount of decent televised sporting events

The fireplace, obviously.

Sorted this for you


Might watch a hour of tv a week when doing my ironing and then a film or two on DVD during the week.

That’s it at the moment.

Depends. Sometimes zero. Sometimes 2-3 hours. I watch a lot of Ameircan shows online so tend to binge on them in one sitting so can be 4 hours.

Alright pal, it’s not a competition.

(kik’s winning, anyway)

When I lived alone I was like this.