How many hours of telly do you watch a day, on average?

When I lived alone I was like this.

50 minutes I reckon.

Fucking hell, man. It might not have been meant like this, but that’s proper harsh.

Year round: Monday 1hr (University Challenge followed by Only Connect)

  • occasional episode of Pointless if working from home.
  • Once a week, maybe a film on ITV4 which I’ve seen so many times before I can practically recite the dialogue: “I’m a blast from the past!”

March - October (but primarily May - Aug) : live cycling; cycling highlights; programmes about cycling

I probably see 2 football matches every three weeks but this would be in the pub and I’d never watch it at home so I don’t know if it counts.

Average = dunno. an hour maybe

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Guessing you’ve replied to the wrong post?

It was meant to be a reply to hyg.

I literally have no idea what this site has done with it though.

by watch do you mean like, sit down an actively watch. Cause if I’m at home on a Sunday, the football then NFL will be on for pretty much 12 hours straight, but I’ll be doing other things for most of it

it’s been posted on the old site, on the music board

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