How many icons on your PC/Laptop desktop?


Honestly now.

Five for me, will be four once I’ve finished typing up my appraisal and removed it.


ooh it’s a right mess at the moment, needs a purge


two hundred and twenty three (223)

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Is your life more cluttered digitally or physically? Or about the same?

  • Tidy in both
  • Tidy in reality/A little messy digitally
  • Tidy in reality/Very messy digitally
  • Tidy digitally/A little messy in reality
  • Tidy digitally/Very messy in reality
  • A little messy in both
  • Very messy in both

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Hooooooowheeeeee, that’s gonna take some beating.


13 and I never use any of them


Actually that’s a lie. I do use the unprotected text file that contains all my work passwords.


Good point. I looked at mine again and realised the only one I use is my Recycle Bin. Turns out I need Admin permissions to delete the Chrome link (weird).

Once I’ve done this Appraisal I’ll have two.


Holy shit

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I have enough to go into a second column and it annoys me but I can’t really get around it.




One two


Mic check!

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check out billy big icons over here


feel like i kinda ruined saps’ thread

no one’s touching that number are they

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Don’t worry, buster, this thread was never going to take off anyway.

At least you set the bar like a champ.


My work laptop is horrifying tbh


Its a Bill Gates bukkake!


31 on my work computer atm. some of you are going to pretend that’s loads but it isn’t.


Anything more than zero is too many.

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