How many internal doors do you have in the house


I’ve only got 4. 2 bed fucking house and all.

doorless cunt


i think around 30

there are a lot of cupboards in my kitchen



no one likes a clever dick, you know.

noone ain’t that keen either



front door
door between kitchen and lounge
back door
bathroom door
bedroom 1 door
bedroom 2 door

so 6


4 (5 if you include our front door which is technically internal but you know how it is)

Here’s the interesting part. EVERY SINGLE ONE of the doors is within touching distance of the other (if closed)


I’m at home, so I’m gonna walk round now and count them all.

Talk to you soon.


What the fuck is this?


Downstairs: 0!!!
Upstairs: 4

Probably have one downstairs soon when we put in the downstairs shitter.


15 - 7 upstairs, 8 down.

(Not including cupboards, etc)


I did this thread before, I think.

Full-sized doors

Understairs cupboard
Bedrooms 1, 2 and 3
Understairs cupboard in bedroom 2

Other doors
Bathroom cabinet x2
Boiler cupboard
Oven doors x 2
Kitchen cupboard doors x6
Hot water tank / cupboard doors

That’s 19.




Ah sorry!

This was the one I created:




It’s terribly sad that we all remember them.

What have I done with my life…


It’s still real to me, dammit.


My answer has changed since the last time we did this!

12, if you include the doors to the understairs cupboard and the cellar.





Really disappointed that nobody seems interested in this


Even in a terraced house?