How many items of footwear do you own?



no prizes on offer, I’m afraid. just the kudos (shoedos)

2 x formal shoes (one brown, one black)
3 x football kicks/boots
1 x golf shoe
14 x trainer - only really ever wear one pair though

no further shoes, m’lud


How many footwears does a human REALLY need?


2x formal shoes (one brown, one black; would gladly lose one or the other)
1x football boots (blades)
1x football trainers (astros)
1x running trainers
1x everyday trainers
1x old pair of everyday trainers that need getting rid of
1x flip flops


14 pairs of trainers?

I have:
1 pair formal shoes (black)
1 pair trainers
1 pair trainer/walking shoe things
1 pair site boots
1 pair wellies
1 pair astroboots
1 pair football boots
1 pair hockey boots
2 pairs of running shoes (current pair, for road running, and my old pair that I use for trail running)


3 x cycling
2 x work/dress
2 x trainers
1 x flipflops
3 x casual
1 x wellies
2 x football
1 x golf


1 x brown boots
1 x black boots
1 x running shoes
1 x climbing shoes
1 x everyday trainers
1 x old trainers for pottering about in the garden
1 x slippers
2 x walking boots (no idea why i have two pairs on these)
1 x flipflops
1 x formal shoes (black)
1 x wellies


going to get some more runners as well and would liek some more trainers as well


absolutely fucking loads:

7 x Vans (3 slip ons, 1 Authentic “lite” [good for travelling with as they’re very light], 1 MTN boots, 2 other pairs)
1 x Adidas Campus 80s (purple, rarely worn)
1 x Converse hi-tops (red)
1 x Converse grey/red
2 x Camper
2 x DMs (oxblood For Life boots, and a pair of yellow wellies)
1 x shite ballet things for work
1 x Brogues for work
1 x Giro cycling shoes
1 x flip flop
2 x hiking boot (never wear these, probs need to get rid)
1 x Camper slipper
1 x Puma suede (purple/yellow)
1 x Nike Pegasus 83 (red/yellow)

That might be it? Too fucking many.


why are you asking me this when I just frigging told you I did Konmari?


Shit man, this wasn’t extensive, sorry forgot about some rarely used shit

Please add:
1x Walking boots (used once)
1x Normal boots (worn on one trip)
1x Black canvas trainer (purchased for when smart casual is required and very rarely worn)


this will mean something to someone, I’m sure



I own about 10 pairs of shoes a mixture of plimsoles, trainers, sandals, heeled court shoes and boots


I won a pair of these last week. They’ve literally just sat in the box since. Probs end up being a giveaway.


yeah, probably best not to leave the house wearing those, maaaaan


That looks like someone took a black pair of trainers, drank the contents of a glowstick, and then threw up on their feet.


Might sign up for Tough Mudder or whatever. Look exactly the type of wankerthons those are designed for.


fuck, forgot a couple:

1 x Gola brown things
1 x New Balance running shoes
1 x Puma 917s


2 x work/formal (1 brown, 1 black)
2 x running
3 x football (metal studs, moulded, indoor)
1 x golf
2 x casual boots
1 x casual shoes
2 x casual trainers
1 x deck shoes
1 x vans knock-offs
1 x flip-flops

16 total


11 x black or grey boots of various designs
1 x blades football boots
1 x astro football boots
1 x indoor football boots
1 x snowboard boots
1 x Adidas Samba
1 x Adidas Superstar
1 x Crocs
1 x flipflops
1 x creepers
1 x Le Chameau wellies


1 x brown suede boots
1 x tan suede boots
1 x white suede shoes
1 x brown suede shoes
2 x blue suede shoes
1 x black shoes
2 x brown shoes
1 x nike air max
1 x dunlop freen flash
4 x converse all stars ( 2 x white, 1 x red, 1 x black)

In summary i have lots of suede shoes considering i live in a rather rainy city