How many items of **stripy** clothing are you currently wearing? (Good one Incandenza)



  • jumper
  • socks
  • second pair of socks
    Checks boxers nope, that’s it.


one stripy top and thassit




Conversely to you, just boxers.


adidas leggings
nice tshirt from h&m that unfortunately got caught in my zip so I can’t wear out of the house

spent the day in bed, sending emails and am now waiting on some phone calls to 1) hear if i need to cover a shift tonight and 2) organise a refund


oh just the top is stripy

forgot to add that


Three stripes on each Adidas trainer. Zero stripes elsewhere.


All stripy?


just the top and leggings

not the bra or knickers


Oh just read the PS


Was tempted to change the title to “What Clothes Are You Wearing That Currently Have Skid Marks?” but editing titles is a plague on DiS so I wrote this instead.



That’s it.


This is now the filth thread






:shirt: & :athletic_shoe:


same. adidas trainers and a stripy t-shirt


Just these




The staple of any good dressers wardrobe :slight_smile:

  1. Stripy jumper dress, clashing with my spotty slippers.