How many jam doughnuts have you stress eaten today?

Two for me.



three bits of cake though. so… y’know…

Was there any jam in the cake?

a thin layer. very very thin.

I’ll count it.

haven’t eaten a jam donut since I managed to get jam all over my keyboard. the n is still fucked up

None. I had some dental work. But stress eating doughnuts is one of my favourite things, second to maybe not being stressed

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think I might ask my mum for her victoria sponge recipe so I can recreate my childhood. Bet its got loads of marge in it

I ate three pan au chocolat yesterday :frowning: Only have one (1) orange to stress eat now :confused:



1, actually

Get on my level, numbers.

yes, it’s made of pan, chocolate and au

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None, had a snowball for lunch though. The marshmallow and chocolate treat not the Christmas beverage.

Cornetto in a bit

Probably around inverness

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There’s a third, better kind.


Oooooh fancy!