How many jars do you currently have in your fridge?

Is it ever! A golden age…

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Yessss!!! That show was SO good! I mutter “oiski poiski” to myself at least twice a week :smiley:

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Just the lonely 4 jars for me. Olives, capers and two types of mustard. Makes for a terrible episode of Ready, Steady, Cook.

Here we go…

  1. Ginger paste
  2. Garlic paste
  3. Greta’s mango chutney
  4. Geeta’s lime pickle
  5. Pataks lime pickle
  6. Aldi luxury raspberry jam
  7. Tesco seedless raspberry jam
  8. Tesco finest three fruit marmalade
  9. Aldi tartare sauce
  10. M&S mint sauce
  11. M&S English mustard
  12. Tesco wholegrain mustard
  13. Some posh cheesemakers pickle that came in a Christmas hamper
  14. Some posh winter berry chutney that came in the same hamper
  15. Some red onion chutney that came from the same hamper
  16. M&S grilled artichokes
  17. M&S picked cocktail cornichons
  18. Crespo baby capers
  19. Some jalapeno peppers
  20. Tesco rose harissa paste
  21. Yutaka white miso paste

Me at work to tomorrow

Colleague: get up to much last night?
Me: Counted the jars in my fridge


Ding ding ding! I think we have a winner!

Lazy garlic
Lazy chilli
Lazy ginger
Not lazy marmalade

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Paddington Bear in a pair of joggers


And we used up a few jars this week too. Imagine this had been posted a few days ago. Used up some sun-dried tomatoes, spiced pickled silverskin onions, horseradish sauce and some pesto

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My word! If you don’t mind me asking, do you have a big fridge? I’ve just got a little under the counter number but then I don’t have a wife and two kids, so.

Normally have some pesto on the go too but haven’t opened the jar yet so she’s chilling in the cupboard. Have been quite surprised by the lack of pesto ITT TBH.

  1. mr vikki’s kashmiri chili pickle
  2. arran tomato and red pepper chutney
  3. 9 meals from anarchy veg stock
  4. mr vikki’s brinjal pickle
  5. trodden black kiwi and jalapeno chili jam
  6. m&s tahini
  7. laogamma fermented black beans in chili oil
  8. green pimento stuffed olives (need chucking)
  9. homemade kimchi
  10. apple puree (cant get the lid off this)
  11. follow your heart vegan mayonaissa
  12. white sourdough starter (dead)
  13. wholewheat sourdough starter (dead)

Gochujang is in a tub, miso is in a packet.

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there’s a few but the jalapenos are the only jar I care about


Have one of these that came with the house when we moved in. Put up with it for 20 months or so, but it’d freeze stuff at the back and wasn’t really big enough for a family of 4.

So we got a big fridge freezer (a 60/40 job) and the under the counter one is a drinks fridge/overflow fridge.

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Oh i somehone missed

  1. sainsburys sundried tomatos

Vanilla bean paste
Branston pickle
Geeta’s mango chutney
Fig and violet chutney
Strawberry jam

Why is their stuff so incredibly delicious?! I don’t know what it is but it’s amazing

Oh that’s lovely stuff, genuinely over the moon for you :smiley: a bigger freezer is the dream.
Yeah mine freezes stuff at the back too. And sometimes I’ll come down in the morning and there will be a puddle of water coming from it which makes me think “that’s not good” but cause 99% of what I eat is vegan or vegetarian I figure it’s… fine? I do worry about the half eaten tins of cat food that are in a Gu ramekin with a Pringle lid on top but then she eats spiders and daddy long legs and… I’ve actually started to bore myself with this post

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Oh man, so many. SO many. Like, on entire shelf of the fridge, plus one of the shelves in the door, entirely full of jars of stuff. There’s four kinds of mustard and at least five chutneys before you even get started. Tahini. Harissa. Tamarind. Gherkins. Sauerkraut. Eswatini chilli paste. God, all the best stuff lives in jars in the fridge.

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12 for me:

Brandon pickle
Manzilla stuffed olives
Seedless Raspberry jam
Lime pickle
Capucine capers
Ginger paste
Garlic pickle
Lemon curd
Miso paste
Chipotle paste

This, the absolute king of satays

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