How many Kevin Costner films

Have you seen?

Year Title Role Director
1981 Sizzle Beach, U.S.A. John Logan Richard Brander
1982 Chasing Dreams Ed Therese Conte & Sean Roche
1982 Night Shift Frat Boy No. 1 Ron Howard
1982 Frances Luther Adler Graeme Clifford
1983 Stacy’s Knights Will Bonner Jim Wilson
1983 Table for Five Newlywed Husband Robert Lieberman
1983 Testament Phil Pitkin Lynne Littman
1984 Shadows Run Black Jimmy Scott Howard Heard
1985 Fandango Gardner Barnes Kevin Reynolds
1985 Silverado Jake Lawrence Kasdan
1985 American Flyers Marcus Sommers John Badham
1987 The Untouchables Eliot Ness Brian De Palma
1987 No Way Out Lieutenant Commander Tom Farrell Roger Donaldson
1988 Bull Durham Crash Davis Ron Shelton
1989 Field of Dreams Ray Kinsella Phil Alden Robinson
1989 The Gunrunner Ted Nardo Castillo
1990 Revenge Michael “Jay” Cochran Tony Scott
1990 Dances with Wolves Lieutenant John J. Dunbar Himself
1991 Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves Robin Hood Kevin Reynolds
1991 JFK Jim Garrison Oliver Stone
1992 Oliver Stone: Inside Out Himself
1992 The Bodyguard Frank Farmer Mick Jackson
1993 A Perfect World Robert “Butch” Haynes Clint Eastwood
1994 A Century of Cinema Himself Caroline Thomas
1994 Wyatt Earp Wyatt Earp Lawrence Kasdan
1994 The War Stephen Simmons Jon Avnet
1995 Waterworld Mariner Kevin Reynolds
1996 Tin Cup Roy “Tin Cup” McAvoy Ron Shelton
1997 Sean Connery: An Intimate Portrait Himself
1997 The Postman The Postman Himself
1999 Message in a Bottle Garret Blake Luis Mandoki
1999 For Love of the Game Billy Chapel Sam Raimi
1999 Play It to the Bone Ringside Fan Ron Shelton
2000 Thirteen Days Kenny O’Donnell Roger Donaldson
2001 3000 Miles to Graceland Thomas J. Murphy Demian Lichtenstein
2002 Dragonfly Joe Darrow Tom Shadyac
2003 Open Range Charley Waite Himself
2005 The Upside of Anger Denny Davies Mike Binder
2005 Rumor Has It Beau Burroughs Rob Reiner
2006 The Guardian Ben Randall Andrew Davis
2007 Mr. Brooks Mr. Earl Brooks Bruce A. Evans
2008 Swing Vote Bud Johnson Joshua Michael Stern
2009 The New Daughter John James Luis Berdejo
2010 The Company Men Jack Dolan John Wells
2013 Man of Steel Jonathan Kent Zack Snyder
2014 Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit Thomas Harper Kenneth Branagh
2014 3 Days to Kill Ethan Renner McG
2014 Draft Day Sonny Weaver, Jr. Ivan Reitman
2014 The Man Who Saved the World Himself Peter Anthony
2014 Black or White Elliot Anderson Mike Binder
2015 McFarland, USA Jim White Niki Caro
2016 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Jonathan Kent Zack Snyder
2016 Criminal Jericho Stewart Ariel Vromen
2016 Hidden Figures Al Harrison Theodore Melfi
2017 Molly’s Game Larry Bloom Aaron Sorkin
2019 The Highwaymen Frank Hamer John Lee Hancock
2019 The Art of Racing in the Rain Enzo (voice) Simon Curtis
2020 Let Him Go George Blackledge Thomas Bezucha
2021 Zack Snyder’s Justice League Jonathan Kent Zack Snyder

1 for me



Ffs. Thought I was gonna win.

I know of most of these but I’ve only seen Robin Hood, Dances with Wolves, and Waterworld
Oh and the Untouchables

All bad.

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14 of them surprisingly or maybe not surprisingly if you look at the stuff I watch.

Things like the Superman films, Jack Ryan and Molly’s Game are films he’s in and not the main lead and so I’ve accidentally seen more than I’d thought.


One, Dances With Wolves, not sure how it’s perceived now, but I recall being deeply drawn into the story and really enjoying it.

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90% of the movies on that list don’t exist


It was on ITV a few weeks ago. My parents had it on when I visited them.

It’s aged pretty badly and I forgot how long it was but yeah, I did like it when I first watched it decades ago.

12 i think. tin cup is good, seen that one a lot of times

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Bull Durham, the untouchables, revenge, no way out are all worth watching

  1. The Postman is worth watching if you want to see a film about a post-apocalyptic postal service (featuring Tom Petty!).

The Postman was a major critical failure and a box-office bomb

Always the most entertaining films to watch.

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an impressive 0 here for me too

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Always confuse that with Il Postino

The most expensive film ever made at the time, Waterworld was released to mixed reviews, praising the futuristic setting and premise but criticizing the execution including the characterization and acting performances. The film also was unable to recoup its massive budget at the box office despite being one of the highest grossing films of 1995.


Just Sizzle Beach USA for me

  1. Unlucky for some.


good thread

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