How many kinds of cheese do you have in your fridge?

I reckon I’ve got 4:

  1. Basic cheddar
  2. Feta
  3. Halloumi
  4. Maybe some grana padano? Not sure.

Kin ell I’m bored

Holy shit. Identical.

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Some mature Cheddar for me!

One. Lactose free mature cheddar.

Mature cheddar, that’s all I need.

Got some parmesan in the freezer and that’s it.

Cheese has to be bought solely on a JIT principle. It just cannot be in there outside of immediate use because it will just get eaten.

Actually, nearly identical.

Extra mature cheddar
Parmigiano reggiano

zero currently

normally have some mature cheddar, some halloumi and maybe some paneer but I have eaten it all and not yet replaced it


Some mature cheddar, and some milk that’s on the turn


Excuse me

Some cheddar, some parmesan, some fake plastic cheese.

  • A “cheddar” (homemade)
  • A “blue” (homemade)
  • Parmigiano reggiano

might make some paneer this weekend

What about cheeses that are shit when you first buy them like camembert (, unless you are larging it at some flash fromagerie)?

Extra mature Cathedral City


My wife’s mate is italian but vegan. When she goes to Italy her nan gives her a massive block of parmesan, always. She’ll come back and give it to my wife. We’ll then grate it all up and put it in the freezer. Lasts for ages.

Modern day Pepys

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Mature Cheddar

Shove it up your bollocks

not my me – my housemate (WHO DOESN’T LIKE CHEESE). I won’t eat them out of principal since they occupied so much of our fridge and I want him to take a good look at what he’s made