How many laughs have you got?

  • only one laugh
  • a couple of laughs
  • many laughs
  • no laugh at all

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I used to mainly only laugh one way but I think now I have 4 or 5 different kinds of laugh depending on the way I find something funny.

for example, I have recently developed a scheming little “hehehehe” laugh for when I find something very amusing


A friend once described my laugh as ‘The [Surname] Cackle’ and I’ve been self conscious of it ever since.

don’t be self conscious, it’s nice to laugh!

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Two at least, I reckon. Maybe more.

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If I find something moderately funny it’s a fairly loud HA.

If it’s really funny a stupid wheezing giggle I can’t stop until it makes me cough.

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When I lose it I completely lose it. Especially with my sister.

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I’ve started “hehehe” laughing recently, great fun

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When I smoke weed I laugh like a horse

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Shetland pony?

Actually maybe it’s more like a seal

Shetland seal?



Normal laugh and awkward laugh and shrieking laugh

Fave is the silent laugh when you both can’t speak or breathe and there are tears rolling down your face