How many layers are you wearing (top half) right now? #clothesweek

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Just the 1 for me (work branded t-shirt. Might put my work branded hoodie on soon though, will update my vote, obviously)

Suit jacket

One. Did exercise at lunch and just threw on a t-shirt afterwards while cooling down. Cold now though, so I’ll be putting on a jumper shortly.

Does a crop top/sports bra count as a layer?

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Two, one tshirt and a massive fleecy hoodie thing cos it’s freezing in my flat

Taking them off now cos I’m having a shower

I’m naked now

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First day in ages i have just had a long sleeve t-shirt, and not a long sleeve short sleeve combo so i’m just the two today. Don’t think there will be an increase but maybe a decrease later (calm yourself!)

well this has taken a saucy turn

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You betcha sweet ass it does!

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Sorry about this post.

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Red Radiohead Hail to the Thief t-shirt
Black corduroy overshirt

Sesame Street Fainting GIF