How many loyalty cards you got on the go?

Got these on the go

Reckon if i went in any of these places id never remember to use them though i might be working near bagel factory again soon. Averaging about 2/5 stamps.

Absolutely no chance there’s a thread in this, eric.


don’t think i’ve ever filled one for anywhere before.

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None. I’m far too important and successful a business person in the world of business to bother with them.

(Use them once, forget I have/lose them)

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Are you not ridiculously addicted to coffee? You could get a free one for every 5 you drink!!!

Hoping for some good @meowington posting in this thread

i’m not ideologically opposed to them or anything, just know i’d lose them so don’t bother

I’ve got about 4 Waterstones cards on the go due to above reasons.

Why do i have a waterstones one? Is it for books or coffee? Do not remember being in a waterstones for a very long time.

1 x Bombay Burrito loyalty card with 3 stamps.

2 more and I get a free bag of nachos!

Chips =/= nachos, friend

Books. Well, might be for both. You get a stamp for every tenner you spend, and a full card is basically a free book. Better than fuck all.

^ absolutely seething

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Benito’s Hat
Waitrose (On which my name is Dr Razzle Matazzle)

Dunno why I don’t get a sainboss one as that would probably make an awful lot of sense.

I actually had a clean out of my old purse and found shit loads, all with just one stamp on so utterly pointless.

I am one stamp away from a free Pilpel Falafel tho!

I used to have a loyalty card for my eyebrows but the place I used to go to was too expensive. £14 for threading alone?? naaah

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ooh actually, i was close to getting a free cinema ticket at a place in new zealand. lost that before i could get the last stamp though.

had about twenty cards for a place called bad azz burrito too. never filled one.

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is azz new zealand for ass?

no that one was in texas. annoying name but decent burritos.

Is their coffee any good? Considered it once when i was working in town but there’s always like 20 queueing so cba.

Nope, none. Don’t buy anything regularly for me to have them.

I’ve got an old clubcard, if that counts?