How many men called Clive do you think are eating an Oreo McFlurry right now?

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One for Clive, none for Andy Townsend.

Do the over 5 voters really mean it?

There’s no chance

There’s a lot of Clives in the world.

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US Clive stats

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I reckon it’s 11.

In fact I KNOW that it’s 11

Over five, Clive.

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I don’t think a Clive has had an Oreo McFlurry in the last few days

I only know one Clive - the dad of one of my school friends. Can definitely imagine him eating a mcflurry in the Mondeo right now.
There’s probably at least a few more, although I googled the popularity of the name in the US and apparently there’s only about 6,000 so that does reduce the chances a fair bit


That’s before you even get into Australia/NZ, you just know there’s heaps of bonza Clives bouncing round that neck of the woods.