How many nationalities are represented on DiS?

Which I hate tbh


I’m just a citizen of the universe and y’all my sisters and brothers

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Determining if you are Welsh typically depends on several factors, including your ancestry, citizenship, cultural practices, and personal identification. Here are a few ways to determine if you are Welsh:

  1. Ancestry: If your parents, grandparents, or ancestors come from Wales or have Welsh roots, you may be considered Welsh by ethnicity.
  2. Citizenship: If you have a Welsh passport, you are considered a citizen of Wales and are therefore Welsh.
  3. Cultural practices: If you were raised in Wales or have adopted Welsh customs, such as language, cuisine, and traditions, you may identify as Welsh culturally.
  4. Personal identification: If you feel a strong connection to Wales and its people, history, and culture, you may consider yourself Welsh even if you don’t meet the other criteria.

Gun to my head id have got that wrong tbf

Scots-Italian on my mum’s side, largely English with a tiny bit of German mixed in on my Dad’s side.

Born in Edinburgh, grew up in Norwich, but feel Glasgow is my home. Y’all probably lnow me enough by now to know which side of the wall I feel more represents me, even if I’ve been back in London far too long now.

Mostly just South Welsh but both Irish grandparents on my dad’s side. Should have a kiddo with a Scot to make some sort of super celt.

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I honestly don’t know. It’s something I’ve fibbed about so much over the years to make me sound more interesting than I am that I’ve sort of forgot.


Something of a citizen of nowhere. Born and raised on the English side of the border (by a matter of only a few miles) with Scottish parentage, grew up watching Scottish TV and football (supporting the national team). I have all the cultural references but remain an “English cunt” according to my Scottish friends.

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Mostly English/Irish with a tiny bit of Welsh (great grandmother). Always a bit annoyed I don’t have any Scottish to complete the set.

100% norsk at least 3-4 generations back

My mum got into researching family history when she retired. Turns out it’s just hundreds of years of Manchester, Salford, Oldham & Lancashire apart from occasional entries from Ireland to break up the monotony.

Every so often when more Irish records would become available (might have been as they were digitised or somethig?) and she’d be able to unlock a whole new block of history. It was really sweet seeing her get excited about it - a nice memory to think back to as she’s not around any more.

I think the furthest back she got was Galway late 17th/early 18th century (can’t remember exactly which), but just NW England for a fair few generations now.

As far as I’m aware my dad’s side are all English. My mum half Welsh and half Manx.

Exactly the same, always feel like my lineage is wasted on me - wish I could sell it to a racist who’d be more proud of it than me.


I had this problem a bit because my nan was born in the Ottoman Empire. I just put Greek because she identified as ethnically Greek and lived in Greece most of her life after having to leave what would become Turkey, but it would be surprising if she didn’t have some Turkish heritage (although I’m not sure to what extent you can actually separate Turks and Greeks genetically anyway)

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100% welsh

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Belgian as far back as I’m aware, with one grandma being French. Her mother, who’d visit us from Paris, was the only great grandparent I ever met.

However I’ve lived in the US for 80% (!!) of my life at this point. Culturally I’m part American (feels gross saying that tbh) but wasn’t born here so… Only blood relation that is American thus far is one 22 y/o niece.