How many novelty pop-song dances do you know


reckon I could still nail the macarena, might struggle a bit with Whigfield. Don’t know all the different moves for Superman. Obviously would smash the Casper Slide out of the park


it’s call the Cha Cha Slide you TWAT


can’t even stealth edit the fucker. Mods, shut it down


it’s okay, I’ll answer the question to get this back on track

The Fast Food Rockers tune


hokey cokey? maybe that. oh and heads shouulders knees and toes


The Timewarp
The Macarena
The Saturday Night one.

Form a queue, people; form a queue


the actual YMCA is very different to the one most people do, apparently. My cousin got very pedantic pointing this out to me at a wedding once



Those people already queueing should feel free to disperse.




Superman gives you instructions. It’s not hard to follow.

Saturday Night
Birdie Dance
Samba De Janiero

I am a VERY accomplished dancer.


the thing is, marcks, I didn’t think I knew what some of the instructions referred to. But, having looked at the lyrics, I am confident I could handle it pretty easily


You were thrown by ‘Macho Man,’ weren’t you?



The Men in Black dance was my party piece when I was however old I was when thst came out


I knew Solomon Burke’s moves like the back of my hand