How many of these can you get right?

Pop punk questions from Australian Mastermind.

I got all but 3 correct (got MCR, Monster and Chuck questions wrong)

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This vibe is far too chill and chatty for Mastermind!


Yeah same as you. Absolutely no idea who Meg & Dia are. Also got wrong ‘the best you have seen live’, would never have guessed The Offspring


Really enjoyed how visibly pissed off she is about the Blink 182 answer.


I got different answers for the first two questions (name and occupation), and didn’t want to embarrass myself, Monty Panesar-style, by doing the rest.

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Dont blame her!

Assumed Meg & Dia were Australian but apparently not 12M views for that song on Youtube. Odd how thats completely passed me by

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Too much natter: Mastermind should be ostensibly NO CHAT.