How many of these fictional bands can YOU place?


no battery acid from neighbours, sadly, not sure they ever appeared on screen or whether they just talked about them a lot though.

used to think powderfinger were a fictional band as well because they got mentioned on neighbours loads. unfortunately, they’re all too real


But… I like Powderfinger!


I assumed the same thing about My Morning Jacket after the American Dad episode. Turns out they’re real. Still haven’t heard them, because I don’t want to.


Mister STEVE! They’re an amazing band! I can’t imagine life without them!



woah, flashbacks



One of my favourite moments in South park is when they start a band called fingerbang, because that’s the shape you do with your hand to make a gun, and Kenny tells them what fingerbang really means and cartman is horrified and says that’s not true


Jocks Wa’hey



Dingoes Ate My Baby had a werewolf on guitar and played most of their gigs at The Bronze



(sounds a bit crypto fascist listening back to it now)


The Young Person’s Guide To Becoming A Rock Star, I’d forgotten all about this, loved it at the time (1998!). I recognised the picture but had to google the name of the programme. I remember it had Fish from Marillion in it as a recording engineer (?) who grew weed on his roof.


Jeez, it’s nearly 20 years since this was on TV. It was pretty awful but watchable. Gerard Butler was in it as a Marti Pellow clone and I think the also-ran Britpop band A did the music for the band, didn’t they? Noel Gallagher was in it too, showing off his acting skills. Then he shook hands with Tony Blairs.

Good for this joke though:

Policeman: What would have happened if mist or fog had come down?
Band bloke: I’d have put mister foot on mister brake and slowed down mister car.


GWAR are a fictional band? I’m distraught, I didn’t realise.



Oh, i see Andrew WK is in there as well so some are obviously a joke.


Citizen Dick is from Singles (Matt Dillon and three members of Pearl Jam). Also where that sample of at the beginning of Retreat! Retreat! by 65dos comes from.


I think they might have this series on 4oD to stream but I havent seen it since it was originally aired. I remember loving it at the time but a bit cringe now, so so 90’s.


Yeah, it’s often not wise to revisit something you loved 20 years ago! Don’t spoil those good memories!