How many of these fictional bands can YOU place?


That is true, A did write a number of the songs and one actually appeared on their first album before this series was aired (number one)


Good effort, but there’s a fundamental flaw there.


The Kinky Wizards and Liquorice Comfits are High Fidelity too.

The Lone Rangers is the band in Airheads (Brendan Fraser/ Steve Buscemi/ Adam Sandler).

Rex Manning is Empire Records and Robyn Sparkles is How I Met Your Mother.


I know yeah. :frowning2: I did it right when I typed it out in letters but it was too long to fit on one line, then I messed it up when I redid it in numbers

it’s ok though, we can just get a kindly mod to change your name so it matches the meme, then everybody wins @1101010


Bad Blake is a Jeff Daniels country and western singer in Wild at Heart (?) and Dewey Cox is John C Reilly in a spoof biopic.

Are The Good Ol Boys from Brother Where Art Thou?


nah they were the soggy bottom boys


The Good Ol Boys are in Blues Brothers;


Not even Theo has that power!

Does he?

Does he?

…does he?





White supremicism’s favourite beat combos from two different era…


The Oneders and Captain Geech & The Shrimp Shack Shooters are both from That Thing You Do. No Wonders though.


Do Citizen Dick count though? Because their song is actually just Mudhoney, right? Hmm…


The Kinky Wizards song is just a remixed Royal Trux, too.


Yeah, I watched it recently too. It has not aged well.

Psycho tho :heart:


The Moe Szyslak Connection :grin:


What, no crucifictorious?


Drive Shaft


Oh good. If anyone ever wondered what I look like, apparently I look identical to Charlie from Lost. Although I now have less hair.


Robin Sparkles is from How I Met Your Mom


I think they count because even though one of their songs is basically a Mudhoney song they’re not actually meant to be Mudhoney.