How many of these fictional bands can YOU place?


Blouse should be on the bill too.


Oh yes, remember that single they had that featured Fur Q?


no Pusswhip Banggang or Casey and His Brother Tim!


Be Sharps are Homer’s barbershop quartet in the Simpsons aren’t they? Can’t see it mentioned previously upthread.


Look harder


It wasn’t mentioned, but a picture was posted by @Lo-Pan so it wouldn’t have shown up with a CTRL F.


aye it is :slight_smile:


Ah, gertcha. Thought it was an obvious one to have not be mentioned, but I got fictional band blind looking back through the replies and Ctrl+F didn’t return anything, so I jumped in.


“Chuck. It’s your cousin Marvin. Marvin Berry.”


That could be the most obscure of the lot. I’d have NEVER placed it. Good work.


It is the easiest but it is also the most amusing:

Also Crucifictorious is from Friday Night Lights


no Leningrad cowboys?
brian perns band? (forget their name)

marvin berry was one of the few I got on first read through, some of these other ones though - jeez


Regarding the fictional bands that didn’t feature on the flyer, has anyone mentioned any of the many incarnations of Jez and Super Hans’ band? A few good ones to choose from there.


The Lovin Touchin Squeezins are a Journey cover band JD recommends to Turk in Scrubs


“You’re gonna look pretty funny eating corn on the cob with no fuckin’ teeth.”

Edited to add quotations, this is not a threat.


They’re on there, fortunately


No Vacancy is in School of Rock


You all, everybody! I fucking love Lost. I get this stuck in my head so often, which is ridiculous considering it only has two lines. Both killer, no filler.


The Four Peters

Strange Fruit (from Still Crazy)

Scrantonicity II and Here Comes Treble are both US Office


I guess this is film-based but Foregone Conclusion don’t feature.