How many of these have you eaten

spoken like a true brick lane baker

Not enough coconut stuff in the zeitgeist

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I stock this stuff called ‘unicorn dreams’ gin liqueur and it goes all sparkly when you shake it up and we tried it once and it’s fucking disgusting marshmallow and vanilla flavour gin that we now refer to as ‘clown jizz’.


I’m 6 if rose is wine.

Just think how many houses millennials could afford if they stopped eating not only avocado toast, but the other 29 things on the list as well!!


Shrewbie, could you ask the person who came up with this whether the Rose one is wine or something else, please



Now you’ve gone too far.


Would you like some slimy gunk, sir?
Will it go brown and disgusting almost immediately?
Yes of course
Yes please in that case


Wtf is a ramen burger (don’t think I wanna know)

Food is fucking brilliant. Might try and eat all these things tomorrow


Ok I already curiosity googled (I know) and it’s even worse than I would’ve guessed

Used to hate it, but being forced to eat it with various veggie meals over the years I first came to accept it and then to partially enjoy it. Not in the HEAPS that Some People do though.

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Excuse you


It literally has an accent over the e, of course it’s the wine

Was vaguely pressured into a pumpkin spiced latte, it wasn’t very nice

I’m cancelled verging on basic. But I’m peak millennial in terms of age so WHATEVER.

Oh my god I am so sorry, not you!!

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bubble tea is shite

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Had this exact same thought

It can be really good!! But also if done wrong can be a total disgrace. I love the T4 taro bubble tea and their peach honey tea. Not worth the 60 odd g of sugar though, this is what I hate about it. But otherwise amazing 10/10 would drink weekly