How many of you who have a credit card know the PIN (number) for it

I’ve never needed mine and I got caught out by it last week.

This question would suit a poll wouldn’t it?

I’ve got three (one for work) and have an elaborate system of mnemonics to remember the PIN for each of those and two debit cards.

I got caught out in a shop, I’d paid for something but needed the pin before I could take it. I knew a couple if the digits in there, but that’s not enough these days.

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Yep. I use it pretty regularly for supermarket shopping, petrol and train travel as I get cashback on it. Interesting.

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is it the same number for all of them?

Oh yeah, I do basically all of my day to day spending on it. No idea if that helped with my credit rating or whatever but I’m into the habit now.

It is not, but a few of them have fun numerical relationships in them.

Yes. How else could you use it? Even if you use contactless there’s a limit and there are occasional times it forces PIN entry to check you aren’t stealing it.


I only ever use it when buying stuff online, at most I have to flash it (the card) in front of someone at a box office, never have I been asked for the pin. I was outraged.

this might one of those things that kids who only use phones and ipads actually think, probably isn’t though.

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TBF I stopped using my CC online because for a long time airlines and a few others charged much higher surcharges and I had Barclaycard be hypersuspicious of all online transactions.

Later I had PayPal setup and my Direct Debit card stored on my big accounts…

Literally no idea what the pin to it is.

I know it but I never use it. Not for years anyway. I don’t like credit of any kind if I can help it. I think it’s my parents’ belief that you buy something when you can afford it coming through. I’m turning into my dad.

Use credit card --> monthly direct debit to automatically pay balance --> profit no difference


Yep, but the card has expired

Beware, or you too could be prevented from picking up what you’ve already paid for and simultaneously look like a fraudster!

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Yeah, I’ve set them all to 6969


yeah, use it pretty regularly.

got a letter the other week about a savings account i had getting frozen or locked or something because i hadn’t used it in years. that was fun trying to get that back up.

what’s your PIN number?
okay, what’s your telephone password?
okay, what’s your security number?
okay. we’ll send you a letter. now pick loads of new passwords and numbers that you’re never going to use for the next however many years and that you shouldn’t write down anywhere either.

aye, cool.

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The Virgin people wouldn’t let me cancel my broadband package until, “for security”, I told them exactly what the package name was. It was something stupid like VIRGIN FIBRE MAXIPAD++ 100 PLUS EXTRA and it took ages to look up.