How many of you who have a credit card know the PIN (number) for it

The Virgin people wouldn’t let me cancel my broadband package until, “for security”, I told them exactly what the package name was. It was something stupid like VIRGIN FIBRE MAXIPAD++ 100 PLUS EXTRA and it took ages to look up.

Hate Virgin so much.


FORTY THREE POUNDS a month I was paying them in the end, for broadband and nothing else. FORTY THREE.


I remember 3 of my PINs I’m not sure how many other cards I’ve got but i don’t remember any of their PINs, but have no intention of using any of them anymore, as the reasons for using them have since been removed.

yes it would suit a poll.

whoever figures out personal security is going to make a ton of money.

there’s just no way people can remember ten thousand PIN numbers, passwords, usernames, log on details etc

give me a chip in my wrist or something so i don’t have to think about any of it

Hey look, if you type your PIN into dis it comes out like this



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Fingerprints or face recognition innit

Fingerprints never works for me though, because I’m a sweaty handed fucker who also does climbs.

thought this was a typo and you meant ‘crimes’


Really?? 6666

Same same. Never use a debit card unless you have to pay to use a credit.


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another vote for Davidoff Cool ‘yes I do’

  • Yes, You should have added one you fool!
  • No, Not everything needs to be a poll foppyish.

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I’m glad this feature still works


Edit: Shit…


I know the PIN for every card I own. I find it odd to think that one wouldn’t, but then I guess I have a good memory for PINs.

I know the personal PIN number for my credit and debit card. not sure about my work card though, but as I use it roughly once a year that’s mot a huge problem.

Deliberately don’t know the pin for my 0% balance transfer card. Don’t want to spend on it under any circumstances, so it’s not in my wallet and I’ve never changed the PIN to my usual credit card one.

Don’t have a credit card anymore but the last one got locked when I forgot the PIN and I never bothered getting it unlocked.

I remember I was trying to buy a £6 pair of earphones in Argos when it happened. Humiliating.

Don’t feel that strongly about it, tbh, I just like polls.


I’ve got mine written down in code in my notebook that I carry with me.